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Too Many Fires

Just when I thought I was going to spend time laying out my fitness story, I went and opened an online store for kids. Among the items I'm selling are things I hope will encourage kids and families to be physically active. Okay, I'm also selling toys and some clothes, too. As for this blog for healthy average Joes, I'm putting together my thoughts on flax seed and broccoli, so stay tuned.

One of the most important mantras I say to myself is "doing something is better than doing nothing." I explain more on that, too. Once I get this online store thing figured out.
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Fiber-ific Thoughts

Okay, this post starts out crude. But, how can I discuss fiber in any other terms. So, just deal with it! It's for your health! used to be called roughage. You can't build a healthier new you without it.

According to the Mayo Clinic web site, fiber helps you with bowel movements. It adds bulk to your stool making it easier to pass. However, it also prevents from having overly loose stools too. So, it helps to keep constipation away without making you all watery when you go. 

Look, constipation is no fun.

One of the things I hate about being human is having to deal with these bodily functions. When you can't go or have a hard time going, it's like not getting enough sleep. It becomes a huge problem and will impact everything you do. In fact, I think sleep and constipation are somewhat related. Constipation can impact your sleep cycle and your sleep cycle impacts your gastro-intestinal system. Something that is linked since infancy.

Not only does it help with bowe…

Whoa! Two Posts in One Day!

Here's an interesting take on snacks. It's from Cracked. I miss the days of Cracked Magazine and its mascot Sylvester P. Smythe. You never see the Cracked mascot anymore. Of course, these days you never know if a celebrity you know and trust, such as Sylvester P. Smythe, could be caught up in a scandal. I hope not.

Anyway, the guy in the video is not Sylvester P. Smythe, but goes by the name "Roger Horton." Roger Horton, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the doughnut and coffee chain "Tim Horton's."

Giving You the Numbers

Here is a snapshot of the spreadsheet I created to help me keep track of calories. At the part where I put exercise, I subtracted from total calories. Sometimes I would also add calories expelled if I mowed the lawn with a push mower, performed yard work, or shoveled snow. I didn't keep track of calories expelled for things like heart beat, breathing, or other autonomic bodily functions.

This may not be perfect science, but it did work for me. This spreadsheet was for my initial weight loss. I no longer use this as now I'm focused on maintaining my health, which is a more difficult challenge.  

What you're seeing here is a snapshot of one day. If my daily total fell under 2000 calories, I added a snack (a reasonable snack) at the end of the day.

Below is a link to a food journal you could buy that would accomplish the same thing. I'm not necessarily advocating for one journal over any other. You can follow the link and then peruse all the journals offered on Amazon. I lik…

This Just In

I am an average Joe who decided to take his health more seriously. I was overweight almost to the point of obese. I didn't go on a diet--I changed how I ate for all times. My last physical, which included blood work, indicated I was in exceptional health in all categories measured.

One of the changes I did not make was my coffee habit. I have always had a fondness for black coffee, especially dark roast. If you follow my author's blog, you'll know I'm pretty passionate about it. The media goes back and forth with reports of whether or not coffee is healthy for you. Honestly, I don't think it's a health drink, per se. Is it bad for you? I guess if it keeps you up at night, then yes. If you add a bunch of goop in it like on and in lattes and whatever-pacino concoctions, then I have my doubts.

Anyway, according to news reports, it's healthy for you again! So, yeah! Here's the news from ABC (the American network, not the Australian one). Don't like coff…

New You University--Power Breakfast

Okay! I goofed. Last post I gave the wrong information on a teaspoon of sugar. There's 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon of granulated sugar and 15 calories per teaspoon. So, big oops!

So, adding three-quarters of a teaspoon of sugar to a serving of Shredded Wheat would only give you 3 grams of added sugar. This would only be 11.25 calories of sugar. So, yeah, big oops!

With that out of the way, I want to share my go to power breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal made from old-fashioned oats. This is the one breakfast that will last me longer than anything else I might eat. Not any kind of eggs, but oatmeal. Quick oats may be nutritionally equivalent and an okay substitute, but old-fashioned oats will keep me going until lunchtime. Quick oats will last for a shorter time for me. I get hungrier sooner.

Oats in general are one healthy grain. Filled with fiber, both soluble and insoluble, and a rather high level of protein, consuming oats is one of the best things people can eat. They're no…

New You University

I'm just going to say this right now:
Don't Skip Breakfast!
Skipping breakfast is like saying, "I'm not really serious in changing my health." If that's you, then anything I write won't help you at all. Whatever plan you develop in changing to a healthy life style must ultimately YOUR plan. You have to own it, mold it, tweak it. You must accept responsibility for it. However, don't skip breakfast. Remember, you have to eat to do stuff, including a workout. (For that matter, don't skip lunch and dinner, either).
What should you eat for breakfast? For me, breakfast is when I consume much of my carbs, fiber, and whole grains for the day. My initial protein intake of the day comes at breakfast. Calcium and vitamin D are part of this as well. A couple of eggs for breakfast is a good choice, just don't overdo eggs. Add some whole grain toast to it. Certain cereals can be used.

Concerning cereal...cereal can be a decent part of breakfast. Pay attenti…